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About Austral Anglo Insurance Brokers.

Austral Anglo Insurance Brokers is one of Australia's leading boutique insurance brokers providing a full range of business, professional and personal insurance services for a diverse range of industries and professions. 

We act for YOU our client - not for insurance companies. Our competitive advantage is our experience, reputation and willingness and ability to go the extra mile. 

In 1976, Camden Insurances was founded by Patrick Grant and was later joined by Brendan Collins who became a partner in 1987.

The business continued to grow over the years from new clients, referrals and the acquisition of several client portfolios, including the client portfolio of Austral Anglo Insurance Associates Pty Ltd  in 1981. The business name was changed shortly after this acquisition to Austral Anglo Insurance Brokers and remains today.

 Patrick Grant retired from the business in 2002 and Brendan Collins became Managing Director and AFS Licensee. 

Today the Austral Anglo name reflects many years of continuous professional service to our clients and the broader community.

Brendan Collins
Brendan Collins - Managing Director
Austral Anglo Insurance.


Key contacts

Brendan Collins CIP, QPIB

Managing Director

Phone: 03 9238 0909

Renee Hunter

Senior Account Manager

Phone: 03 9238 0911

Renee Jackson

Senior Account Manager

Phone: 03 9238 0902

Fred Hauser

Senior Account Manager

Phone: 03 9238 0904

Helen Urban

Senior Account Manager

Phone: 03 9238 0903

Carol Hogan

Account Manager

Phone: 03 9238 0910

Jenny Bonnefin

Account Manager

Phone: 03 9238 0905

Maree Collins


Phone: 03 9238 0912

Marianne Smith


Phone: 03 9238 0901